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Electric Towel Warmers

Electric heated towel warmers have no liquids inside, so they are maintenance-free and incredibly inexpensive to run.

Electric Heated Towel Rail

After stepping out of a hot shower on a chilly morning, there is little better than being welcomed by a soft, warm towel wrapped snuggly around you. When you are done, simply hang your damp towel up on the heated towel rail and it will dry in no time, leaving it not just warm and dry for the next shower, but fresh-smelling too.


The Warmup Electric Towel Warmer range offers exquisite function combined with sleek design; an attractive feature in any contemporary or traditional bathroom. A simple concept, for a simple joy – every day.


Towel Warmer Accessories kit

Each towel warmer comes with a full installation kit (see picture) with all fixing accessories, including a diamond drill bit (for use on tiles), for installation convenience.

Towel Warmer Installation

Warmup recommends that towel warmers are hard wired to a light switch. Proprietary heating technology inside the towel warmer will ensure the device reaches 145°F degrees in 3 minutes. For most models, installation can be performed in a completed bathroom without drywall removal using the provided hardware.

The single bar rails require access behind the drywall and should be completed before hanging drywall. In other instances, mark the placement of the towel warmerand cut out the drywall at least 6” wider around the towel warmer. Remove the drywall cutout from the wall and proceed with mounting instructions below.

For full product specifications and installation instructions see the product manual.

Key Benefits


Even heat with rapid heat-up and energy efficiency


Comprehensive kit with all fixing accessories


Sleek contemporary design


Versatile and easy to install


Discreet with concealed cable kit


Connects to existing room light circuit


 Warmup Three Year Limited Warranty 3-Years Warranty
This product comes with a 3 Year Warranty.

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