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New from Warmup
®, Ultralight™ insulation is first of its kind offering insulating, heat-spreading, and decoupling benefits all in a one quarter inch thick board. Ultralight insulation boards are the first insulation boards designed specifically for use with electric underfloor heating. The 2’x4’ boards pair with the Warmup® DCM-PRO Membrane floor heating system to deliver a savings of $1, per square foot, per year.

How does it work?

Ultralight™ is designed for the most efficient use of electric floor heating systems. The layers that make up Ultralight™ deliver 3 benefits in 1 board; insulating, heat-spreading, and decoupling.

The surface of Ultralight™ features a secure synthetic fabric layer as well as a heat spreading aluminum layer. The surface materials of the board promote even heat distribution to eliminate cold spots.

The core of PEF insulation provides thermal separation from the floor beneath, ensuring a rapid thermal response of a heated layer of tiles or leveling compound above. The rapid thermal response promoted by the PEF insulation and diffusion layer allows the flooring to heat up faster, resulting in a more energy-efficient heated floor.

The base layer of non-woven fleece functions as a high-performance anti-fracture membrane for tile and stone floor coverings in accordance with ANSI A118.12 standard. The base layer also facilitates a high-strength mechanical bond.

Why use Ultralight?

From installation to performance, Ultralight™ goes beyond any other insulation board to deliver more with less work.


True to its name, Ultralight™ weighs in at just over 1lb per board making it much lighter and easier to move compared to standard cement-based backer boards. Ultralight™ cuts to size easily, straight or curved, without dulling a utlity knife or creating any dust.

Despite it’s ease to cut and inability to dull a knife, Ultralight™ is durable and will not bend, break, or crumble even if it is dropped. Ultralight achieved Heavy Commercial rating when used with large format tiles (600 mm x 600 mm) and Light Commercial rating when used with standard tiles (300 mm x 300 mm), in accordance with ASTM-C627 (Robinson Test).


Ultralight™ offers more benefits than any other insulation board in the same size package. The PEF insulation layer reduces heat up times by 76 minutes on slabs and reduces energy used during heat up by 69% resulting in a $1 savings, per square foot, per year.

Beyond insulating, the heat spreading aluminum layer of Ultralight™ improves comfort and reduces running costs by allowing floors to achieve the same comfort temperature with 12% less energy and that still is not all. Ultralight™ offers a decoupling fleece layer to provide high performance protection against tiles cracking due to lateral subfloor movement in accordance with ANSI A118.12 standard.

About Warmup

Warmup is a certified ISO 9001:2008 manufacturer creating and delivering electric heating solutions.  It has sold in excess of 2 million systems in more than 60 countries in 25 years of trading.  Warmup has subsidiary operations in 11 countries and licensed trading partners in the other countries.

The Warmup EN422-2 Research Center in Bremen, Germany and its Monitored Homes Program drive the innovation behind the DCM-PRO family of products and the 4iE Smart WIFI Thermostats.

Heated Floors

Floor heating is the modern heating solution – creating the perfect temperature, making you feel warm and comfortable from the moment you enter the room.

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