PRESS RELEASE: Danbury, CT, August 2019

Warmup® Joins Material Bank® for Fast and Sustainable Sampling

Warmup is proud to join with Material Bank to make sampling our products easier, faster, and more environmentally friendly than ever before. Material Bank is the fastest and most powerful way to search and sample materials. As the world’s largest architectural and design-focused material resource library, Material Bank is the only place for architects, interior designers and design professionals to search materials from hundreds of leading brands on a single platform and, with the click of a button, receive samples by 10:30 a.m. the next day free of charge.

Material Bank turns hours of work into minutes

Material Bank turns hours of work into minutes by powering complex searches across hundreds of manufacturers. With Material Bank, samples from multiple manufacturers can be ordered and delivered quickly and all together for free. On the Material Bank website designers can create a cohesive board with tiles, fabrics, ect. and order all of the samples with a single click. From there, each sample is gathered into a single box, eliminating the need for separate deliveries and orders are delivered the next morning by 10:30 am via FedEx Priority Overnight.


Material Bank provides sustainability that was previously impossible. This is done by combining individual sample orders from multiple brands into a single box that can be returned, resulting in less packages, less energy, less transportation and less headaches than ever before. By combining multiple sample orders into a single delivery, Material Bank reduces inbound packages to design firms by 75%.

Warmup and Material Bank become Partners

On August 30, 2019 the Warmup brand went live on the Material Bank website. The partnership has caused excitement for both companies venturing into this method of sampling building materials. With all brands, Material Bank assigns users automatically to the appropriate representative so that you can easily connect with the proper representative, from any brand, on a single platform. As the most trusted and innovative underfloor heating brand, Warmup feels at home on the Material Bank website.

Join Today

If you are a trade professional that is not yet using the Material Bank platform you can easily sign up today. With Material Bank, samples are always free and you will never be asked for payment information. If you have any unanswered questions, check with Material Bank FAQ page. Once you are registered, take the time to look at the Warmup brand page to learn more about our company and the innovative underfloor heating systems and controls that we manufacture.



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