Following an extensive study to test the impact of underfloor heating under Amtico flooring’s most popular Signature and Spacia vinyl ranges, we have successfully concluded that Amtico and Warmup underfloor heating can be safely used together.


Spencer Sheen, Warmup’s Technical Director said, “Rigorous and extreme heat testing was continuously conducted over an extended period in our testing cubes to EN442-2 standards, to establish any effects long term heating might have on Amtico’s physical and aesthetic properties.  We ran long-term tests at normal target (27°C) and set-back temperatures, resulting in no discoloration, shrinkage or effect on the physical properties or appearance, concluding with certainty that Warmup underfloor heating is safe for use under Amtico flooring.”

Our underfloor heating systems come with a 30-Year warranty alongside knowledge of how each system will operate and function with energy usage and running costs available at the design stage. Heating systems are controlled by a thermostat, such as the Warmup 4iE Smart WiFi Thermostat which finds smarter ways to heat your home, saving up to 20% on your energy usage.

There are a variety of underfloor systems available for vinyl underfloor heating. To find out the cost of getting the system, get a quote today.

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